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Guangzhou Imton :Global Door-To-Door Service For Food Import Declaration For 18 Years


Guangzhou Imton Supply Chain Co.,Ltd.,headquartered in Guangzhou, has 10 branches, all over Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Beijing,Shanghai,Ningbo,Wuhan,Qingdao,Tianjin,Dalian,Kunshan,door-to-door import customs clearance services.

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Guangzhou Imton : Food import customs clearance agent

We provide door-to-door services for global imports,including prepackaged food,agricultural and sideline,edible oil, frozen,dairy,wine,fruits,medicinal materials,etc Telephone 400-107-2816

Food import customs declaration process · One-stop global import door-to-door service

Free Service Telephone:400-107-2816

Door-to-door service for global imported food customs clearance, customized personalized import solutions

  • Sign a contract,pay foreign exchange

  • Data review

  • Home delivery

  • International Transport

  • Declaration

  • release certificate

  • Warehousing and distribution

CASE SHOWFood Import Declaration Cases
  • Client:Nantong XX Ltd.



    Products:Olive Oil Import Declaration

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  • Client:Shenzhen XX Ltd.

    Location:Korea -Shanghai


    Products:Tea Beverages import declaration see details

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  • Client:Shanghai XX Ltd.



    Products:Red Wine Import Declaration

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  • Client:Wuxi XX Ltd.



    Products:Food Import Declaration See Details

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  • Client:Shanghai XX Ltd.



    Products:Biscuits Import Declaration

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  • Client:Shanghai XX Ltd.



    Products:Biscuits Import Declaration

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About Us

Guangzhou Wanxiang Jinmaotong Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is a customs AEO advanced certification enterprise. The consultation telephone number is 400-107-2816. We have AEO customs brokers, logistics and distribution teams and overseas departments. We can arrange door-to-door delivery from overseas, export customs declaration, international Transportati···

10 BranchesAEO Advanced


Global Door-To-Door Service

Guangzhou Imton,headquartered in Guangzhou, has 10 + branches, covering major port cities in China, allowing you to import goods quickly.

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Free Service Telephone:400-107-2816
500+ Senior Consultants Provide You With Import Customs Declaration Services

Guangzhou Imton import and trade link provides customers with supply chain management and global door-to-door import customs clearance services.

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